Critical Illness Insurance, Cancer Insurance

Are you Prepared?

Critical illness and cancer can strike anyone, at anytime regardless of age or circumstances.Often without prior warning or symptoms. Let our experts help you focus on your treatment, not your finances.  

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Critical Illness and Cancer Plans


  •   Some cancer patients, even with insurance, spend about a third of their household income on out-of-pocket health care costs outside of insurance premiums.
  •   Over 70,0000 Americans have cardiovascular disease. 1.4 million heart attacks occur each year - that's one every 33 seconds.
  •   There are 9.6 million cancer survivors in the U.S.
  •   Stroke is our nation's No. 3 killer. Stroke is the leading cause of severe, long-term disability.
Thanks to advances in science and treatment, more and more Americans today are living with cancer and critical illnesses! Our critical care & cancer plans will provide financial resources to help with expenses incurred due to medical treatment, ongoing living expenses or any purpose you choose.

The most common claims on Critical Illness Insurance include:
Heart attack

Because the risks are real, you will likely need to take time off from work for treatments and to recover. Subsequently you’ll have no income to cover the bills that will keep piling up. That’s where a cancer-only or comprehensive critical illness insurance comes in.

  • replace lost income while you or a family member is off work
  • Keep up with ongoing living expenses
  •  Pay health insurance deductibles and copayments
  • Hire home health care or child care services
  • Travel to treatment facilities
  • No waiting period for benefits
  • benefits are paid directly to you to use as you see fit.